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M-Solution for Photographers/Video Professionals
Media Solution is configured to work with any Video Pro. or Photographic Web Site to Publish Samples and Users contents in a easy way.




We can configure your web site to publish media contents that can be used for learning purposes. Contents can be configuered to be used by any subscription model.



Television Channel
Media Solution can be configured to support need of any Television channel web site to use Broadband for their customer.



News Channel
Our extended feature to support media content management for any news website is easy to publish news contents.



Film Makers
Media Solution with media cart can be customized on your web site to sell Movies on demand. It can be downloaded or can be played as stream from your web site.

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About Our Services



Cyber Media Source can be the source of all your media Contents that can  be published on your Web Site in a secure and configured manner.

It is a long established fact that a sharing Media contents in a managed way is the most hard part of any publishing company. We have come up with bundle of Software and Services to meet your requirements. 


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Finantial Solutions

Publish Photo and Video for every customer on your own website is easy with M-Solution. Published Photo or Video will be secured and automatically  added to Photo Slide Show and Video Gallery.


The Video can also be downloadable to various Portable devices, such as Video iPOD, Sony PSP and Mobile Phones. 


Customer of your website can invit friends and family members to show their Photo and Video. This will improve the visibility of your Website to many people.


Perhaps your Web site can be your best Marketting tool to promote your business.

Commercial Solutions

Live Broadcating on your web site is also part of Media Site Framework. Using our Software one can broadcast Video on any website that is powered by Media Site Framework




Live Broadcating per customer can be configured on your Web site. This will enable you to Broadcast Live Events for specific Customer and their guests to view your casting.


Commercial Solutions

Provide Access to favorite TV Serial to subscribed user from any where and on any device is a big challenge. Media Solution can be configured on any Television channel that can provide Live Broadcasting of the channel over the Internet. Also it can be configured to have pay-per-view and downloadable to any mobile video devices.


Various Television serials can be stored on Server that can be downloaded to Portable Video devices like Video iPOD.


Media Solution can also support  Movies that needs Digital Media Rights to protect contents to be copied on un-authorized user. 


This is implemented using Microsoft Digital Rights Management. 



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