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Different Services


Design and Develop Media Site 
Websites that requires Dynamic media contents need lot of Development efforts. Our Media


Web Hosting Services

Our experienced professionals can maintain any media based web sites on our Servers that needs constant media services attention..


Media Consulting Services
Our Media Professionals can be available to work onsite on any company to provide development, design, training media Solution based services. Also this services can be used by any high volumn media content upload facility.


Media Content Management Services
Dedicated staff to provide 24/7 service to manage and monitor digital media contents managed on the server. Exceptions or errors tracking to get any problem in the system can be fix in less time.


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About Our Services



Media Services are available 24/7 to support all your needs on Dynamic media content management and hosting services.  

Our services are available from small scale photographic company to large scaled television channel and news channel companies. 


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Finantial Solutions

ShareX Software is designed to Manage Media Contents on Microsoft Windows XP platform. ShareX can be used to upload media contents to Media Websites. The Software is available to all Media Site owners. Any registered Website can download this Software part of the package at no cost.


Live Broadcaster Software is designed to Stream Live Video on any Media Solution based Websites. This software runs on Microsoft Windows XP platform. 

Commercial Solutions

Our Media Media Consultants can work on-site to help and training how to use Media Solution Softwares. These consultants can also help you understand the concepts of preparing media contents to publishing media contents online using our Media Solution Softwares.





Our Consultants can also work with any company to prepare, plan and develop client specific requirements using Media Framework on an hourly or daily rates basis.



Commercial Solutions

FREE Media Desktop Widgets workes with Media Solution based Websites. This software will also be available to download from any M-Solution based websites for their customers. This widgets are mainly designed for promotional purposes.


Media Screen Savers

is another FREE widgets that can be downloaded from Media Solution based web sites.



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